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Washington Territory – The Ellensburgh National Bank

The Ellensburgh National Bank, Territory of Washington (3867) was chartered on 4/14/1888 and liquidated on 7/18/1896.

Austin Mires [VP] (1852-1936) was Vice-President of the bank from its opening in 1888 until 1894. Mires was also an attorney (Michigan State Law, 1882) and Chief Clerk of the Oregon State Senate (1882-1883). He began a private practice in 1883 and was elected Ellensburgh’s first Mayor in 1886. Mires was Prosecuting Attorney for Kittitas County (1904-1907), Ellensburgh City Attorney (7 terms), and the Ellensburgh Treasurer (3 terms).

Ralph Kauffman [Cash] (1860-1943) received his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1886 and that same year opened loan and trust company in Portland, Oregon. In 1888 he organized the Ellensburgh National Bank and was Cashier for two years. In 1890 Kauffman began practicing law and in 1907 he was appointed to the Superior Court where he remained until 1916. He served as City Attorney for two terms and was Chairman of the Kittitas County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Arizona Territory – First National Bank of Tucson

The First National Bank of Tucson, Arizona Territory (#2639) was chartered in 1882 and liquidated less than three years later on January 31, 1885. The bank issued 2,120 sheets of 5-5-5-5 Series of 1875 notes. In 1910, $335 was reported outstanding. There are three notes reported on the bank. The note below, formerly of the Peter Huntoon Collection, is signed by Pinckney Randolph Tully (President) and Barron Marc Jacobs (Cashier).
Pinckney Randolph Tully was born in 1824 in Missouri. He raised live stock and eventually opened Tully & Ochoa in 1864, a wagon freight company based in New Mexico. In 1882 he was co-founder and president of the FNB Tucson. Tully also served as Treasurer of Arizona Territory, and was Treasurer, City Councilman, and Mayor of Tucson.